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eDofE/Award completion guide

Download and follow this flowchart so that you can make sure you have everything you need to successfully complete your award. Keeping your eDofE account up to date with evidence is really important as it helps to prove your commitment to the award, but also provides a log to show you everything that you have done and achieved whilst completing the awards.

The flowchart can be download here: flowchart.pdf

Section ideas

Choosing an activity for each section can sometimes seem quite challenging, but don't worry, there is lots of help and guidance to support you. Below are links to the list of activities that you can choose from for each section. You can always speak to the District DofE team if you have a new idea or have any questions about the sections. 

Trying something new is a great way to broaden your horizons, however, continuing with a current hobby or sport is also fine. Remember, the main point is to show commitment to the activity and a sense of improvement (working towards your goals and aims for the section). For example, you may already take part in Karate, but over the time you are completing the award, you may want to work towards and achieve the next belt, or learn a new Kata. Speak to the District DofE team for more advice/information.

Physical Section

Volunteering Section

Skills Section

Residential Section (Gold only)

Assessor Report guide

The link below is not as relevant for participants, but it is something they can guide their assessors towards. Sometimes your assessor will be new to assessing a DofE section, so making sure they understand how to write and how to submit an assessor report is really important. The link below provides guidance and examples of assessor reports, including what to include and how to submit the report. 

Remind your assessor to always:

- Make the report personal to you (commenting on what you did)

- To confirm 

- your commitment (that you completed the activity for 1 hour each week)

- The dates between which you completed the section

- Their name/position/contact details.

Remember to always thank your assessor for taking their time to support you!!

Guidance for writing Assessor Reports

International, Community and Values (ICV) list

For some Top Awards (CSA platinum/Diamond and QSA) you need to complete some activities from the ICV lists. There are lots of options, so get in touch to find out more.

There are three ICV lists, one for Chief Scout's Platinum, one for CSA Diamond and one for Queen's Scouts Award. 

At CSA Platinum you need to complete 2 activities. (from different sections)

For CSA Diamond you need 4 (including any completed for Platinum, and max 2 from one section)

QSA requires 6 (including those completed for CSA Platinum and Diamond). 

By QSA you should have 2 activities in each section of the ICV list (i.e. 2 in International, 2 Community and 2 Values).

The lists can be found here 

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