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Malling Scouts

Malling Scouts supports 11 Scout Groups across Malling, in Kent. We provide support for adult volunteers and organise events, where these are best done at a District level. In Malling, there are over 1,000 young people (aged 4-24) going along to Scouts each week, supported by almost 300 adults.

Our District Team is made up of a Leadership Team, a Programme Team, a Support Team, a Volunteering Development Team, and a 14-24 Team – the Trustee Board exists to support these teams, and their sub-teams to deliver our District plan.

Our Trustee Board

Our Trustee Board is made of up to 12 members, including a Chair, a Treasurer, our District Lead Volunteer, and our District Youth Lead. The Trustee Board meets between 4-6 times per year, and helps make sure that everything is running safely and legally, and that Scouts in Malling has the resources it needs to operate well, now and in the future. Our Trustee Board also has a couple of sub-teams who report into it, allowing the Board to focus in on their responsibilities, and keep meetings focussed.

What we’re looking for…

We’re currently looking for Appointed Trustees, a Chair and a Treasurer.

What Trustees do?

The Trustee Board is a team of volunteers who work together, as charity trustees, to make sure Scouts is run safely and legally. At the heart of their role is a focus on strategy, performance and assurance. Effective Trustee Board governance helps our volunteers deliver fantastic programmes that give young people skills for life.

Trustees work together to make sure Groups, Districts, and Counties:

  • Manage money well
  • Follow Scouts policies and relevant legislation
  • Look after buildings, insurance and property
  • Manage risks
  • Help the charity operate well, today and in the future

The Chair and Treasurer roles also have some specific responsibilities in addition to the above.

Find out more about what a Trustee does by reading the Trustee Board Team Description.

The people we’re looking for…

We’ve identified a need for us to have Trustees with the following skills / experience:

  • Finance,
  • Data Protection,
  • Estates Management,
  • Risk,
  • Legal.

We’re also interested to hear from people who feel they might bring something else to the Board, whether that’s a different viewpoint, or experience from professional / volunteer roles.

We particularly encourage applications from young people aged 18-24 and anyone who may feel underrepresented in Scouts, whether that be locally, or nationally.

Who’s eligible to be a Trustee?

Trustees must be over the age of 18.

People are disqualified from acting as a Charity Trustee if they appear on any of the following registers:

  • Individual Insolvency Register,
  • Register of disqualified directors,
  • Register of persons who have been removed as a charity trustee.

How the process works


Thank you for your interest in volunteering.

You can apply for the role yourself using the application form or nominate someone else using the nomination form. Nominated people are under no commitment to apply unless they wish to.

Applications will be shared with our Selection Panel, who will shortlist based on the information provided on the application form. They’ll then be in touch with applicants to arrange a chat about being a Trustee.

Key dates

The closing date for applications is Sunday 5 May 2024

Trustees are formally appointed by the District Scout Council, on recommendation by the Trustee Board – the District Scout Council meet at the District Annual General Meeting – this is on Saturday 13 July 2024.

Getting in touch

For more information, or for an informal chat about this vacancy, get in touch.

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