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Becoming a Young Leader

You're interested in becoming a Young Leader? That's great! We've summed up some of the key information you'll need to know, but if you have questions, or fancy a chat, please get in touch. 

Can I be a Young Leader?

Are you between 14 and 17? Great!
Do you want to Volunteer? Brill!

Anyone aged 14-17 can volunteer with Scouts, volunteering in one of our Scout Groups at Beavers, Cubs, or Scouts. You don't have to attend an Explorer Unit, but being a Young Leader means that you are an Explorer and you can access all the training, support and programme that we run for Explorers. You may already know where you want to volunteer, but if you don't we can help find you a placement - we'd love to hear from you!

Not an Explorer and only want to volunteer for a fixed term, for DofE, or a Girlguiding award? You can still volunteer with us and who knows... you might really enjoy it and continue on to be a Young Leader?!

How do I become a Young Leader?

I know where I want to volunteer and just need help getting started:

Chances are that you've spoken to someone you know, maybe they're your old leaders, or a family friend. Someone needs to let us know so that we can register you and we'll take it from there. We'll contact the Group Scout Leader (GSL) at the Scout Group that you volunteer and (if you're an Explorer) your Explorer Leader (ESL) to get you set up. Read on to find out what's next...

I'd like to volunteer, but need help finding somewhere:

Get in touch! You may know which section you want to volunteer with, but not have links with a Group, or you may need a hand working out what age group to volunteer with - we can help! We've got the experience and know where there's opportunities with your name on them. 

What next?

Once you get started, the doors open for you! You'll need to complete Module A within three months of starting as it sets you up with the essentials and expectations of your volunteer role. At Beavers/Cubs/Scouts, you'll be a fully integrated part of the volunteer team with the opportunity to run games, activities, programme, badges and more! There are then many more modules to complete from anything to running games, to getting your voice heard. You'll also be able to crack on with your Missions, proving that you've put your training into practice and work towards your Young Leader Belt - the ultimate award for a Young Leader.


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