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Blacklands at Duxford

15th September 2010

Blacklands at Duxford

District Air Activity Day at Duxford – 26 June 2010


The day started at Larkfield Leisure Centre.  We had to get there at 8 o’clock in the morning.   There were 17 of us from Blacklands Cubs and 4 Leaders and a lot of other Cubs and Leaders from the District.   Three coaches were there to take us to Duxford.   Phillip wasn’t feeling too well but Trish persuaded him to get on the coach and have a sleep on the way.   We were all excited.

The coach trip took two hours.   We saw Duxford next to the motorway from the coach.  It is a big airfield with lots of old planes and also a tank museum.     When we got there we were given a quiz sheet and had to find the answers around the airfield.   (The quiz wasn’t easy but we had a little help from the Leaders).   We split into two groups, each with a leader who knew a lot about the planes.   We started off in Hanger No 1 and saw lots of war planes and bombs and engines.   Concorde was there and we got to go inside.  It is the test plane No 1 which was flying in 1969.   It was small inside and didn’t take many passengers.  The last Concorde flew in 1993.

We saw lots of planes which flew in the Second World War and some could still fly – there were flying boats and bi-planes – and some of us went in a simulator – that was really cool!   We also got to go inside some old passenger planes which belonged to companies like BOAC and BEA.  We saw inside some bombers, where the pilot sat and the bomb bay.

After lunch we made our way up to the tank museum, visiting other hangers on the way up.   There were models in the tank museum which Akela had made.  There was one tank in a German butcher’s shop.   There were lots of different tanks and landrovers from various wars – some were painted sand colour because they were used in desert battles.  Some were green and some were painted in camouflage so that they wouldn’t be easily spotted.

One hanger had planes from the Battle of Britain and our leaders told us all about it.  The best bit was a crashed German plane.


We had a lovely day at Duxford and were very tired when we left.   We all completed our quiz sheets and all earned our Air Activity Badge.   We would like to say thank you to Ken our ADC who organised the trip and to Scott, Dan, Trish and Allan for taking us.

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Author: CraigWorcester


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