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Borough Green Cubs visit Ashdown Forest

26th May 2010

Simon, a Cub Scout with the 1st Borough Green Scout Group, has sent in an article about their recent trip to the Ashdown Forest. Simon has sent the article in as part of his Kent Invicta Challenge. Simon writes..

In April 2010 me and my Cub Pack went and camped in Ashdown Forest. On Friday night we pitched the tents and then explored the Forest near by and then we set off lanterns around the camp fire and this went unfortunately not that well as we set fire to a tree. Then we had to find our way back to camp.

In the morning we had some breakfast at 6 o'clock and made our sandwiches ourselves. Then we changed into our full Cub uniform and packed our ruck sacks. We set off to our wonderful Llama farm in Ashdown forest and saw a baby reindeer in an enclosure and stroked the hairy llama Ralph. That day it was pouring with rain drenching us, but we still insisted on our 8 mile hike to Pooh Bridge & finally made it. On the way back we struggled so took a short cut along the road and eventually got back to our camp. As Cubs we navigated all the way and gained our Navigators badge & our map readers' badge. When we got back we changed our cloths as we were very wet & then played 40/40 in the forest until dinner was ready. After dinner we had a camp fire & sang some songs & went to bed straight after.

On Sunday morning we had breakfast at 8am & went pot holing in the underground tunnels in a bank. This was very cold in the holes because it was also wet & slimy.

After pot holing we had lunch & then helped break camp & then went home with our Mum & Dad which was very good as by then I was wet again and very cold.

Overall this was a good camp & I found it very exciting as I enjoyed the mixture of activities.

Simon, 1st Borough Green Cubs

Author: CraigWorcester


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