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The Dig

7th July 2013

William Warriors Explorers and the SAS set forth today in the Quest to find bodies, treasure and pots at  Randall Manor at Shorne Woods Country Park.

We were invited to take part in the archaeological dig, at Randall Manor by County Archaeologist Andrew Mayfield, following a talk to the Explorers in May.

Randall Manor is a medieval  country home where you come along and learn how to dig,  learn what archaeologist do at a dig and explore history. The explorers were given the task of exposing a fallen in roof and had to remove top soil and lower levels carefully looking for any finds.

After 3hours of digging in 31C sun, we found lots of roof tiles, a piece of Raywear pottery from an everyday pot and a very small piece of fine pottery with a green glaze from a pot.

A hot dusty day was had by all.


Author: Dave Shillito


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