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Queen's Scout Award (QSA) - 16-25 years old

The QSA is the highest award in Scouting and is a great achievement, but also a fun challenge and full of adventure along the way!

It goes hand in hand with the Gold DofE award, and being a Gold Award holder means you have completed a substantial part of the QSA, you just have a few more Scout specific requirements to achieve. Upon completing your QSA, you will be invited to parade at the National St George's Day Parade at Windsor Castle in front of the Royal Family!!

You can find out more information here.


Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE)- 14-25 years old

The DofE is made up of 3 levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. They all complement each other, but the challenge and adventure grows as you move up through the awards. You will take part in Volunteering, Physical and Skill related activities, as well as complete an expedition across the countryside. You probably already do a lot of the requirements, so why not earn a recognised award at the same time!!

The DofE awards also overlap significantly with Chief Scout's Platinum and Diamond Awards, as well as the Queen's Scout Award. Even if you completed your DofE outside of Scouting, you can still earn the equivalent Scouting Awards. 

More information can be accessed  here.


Chief Scout's Award Platinum/Diamond (CSA)- 14-25 years old

The CSA Platinum award is the next Top Award after Chief Scout's Gold Award from the Scouts Section. The Platinum award overlaps with the Bronze DofE award, but can be achieved even if you don't have the Bronze DofE award. Just like the QSA you will need to complete some specific Scout requirements and at least 6 nights away.

Following on from Platinum, you can complete the Diamond level. This level overlaps with the Silver DofE award, and the specific Scout requirements build on those completed for the Platinum award, and you will need to complete 12 nights away.


Explorer Belt- 16-25 years old

The Explorer Belt is a way to explore a new place with a group of friends, it is not only a challenge but also an adventure.

You will spend 10 days exploring a different country and its culture, you will complete a number of challenges along the way in order to immerse yourself in the culture. It is also a chance to see how Scouting works in another country too!!

So what are you waiting for!!


Scouts of the World Award (SOWA) - 18-25 years old

SOWA is the newest award offered in the UK, but it is also an award that is completed by Scouts in many other countries around the world. 

You will take part in a project that focuses on peace, the environment and sustainability. This means that the results of the project should be there for years to come after you complete the project. The project should last at least 80 hours and be focused on one of the three themes (Peace, environment, sustainability).

Unlike the other Top Awards, this one is a Network only award.

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